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Complete set of pumps electric motors. Emergency spare part to pumps.

1 year guarantee

Warranty and post warranty service.


Delivery by any  carriers, convenient for you, carriers and shipment at own expense.


Settlement is accepted in hryvnias of Ukraine (all forms and types of payments are possible).


The Nasosexport company — the leader in the market selling industrial pumps and electric motors in the territory of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Specialists of our organization will help you:

  • selection of the pump equipment
  • selection of industrial pumping equipment
  • selection of electric motors
  • selection of spare parts
  • consultations on technical questions
  • additional complete set of the pump equipment.
The main principles of our company is:
  • individual cooperation to each client
  • quality of top-level production
  • responsibility

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Pump equipment

The pump equipment can significantly accelerate work of production and facilitate the household needs for the private sector. The pump for water will help to organize giving of the water to the house or office. Industrial pumps will be able continuously to pump out clean, waste or other types of liquids without any work.

There are many criterions for the choice of the pump equipment and it is necessary to select a product depending on your requirements and a type of application. At the choice of pumps it is possible to get confused in types, difference of production and in types of tasks which the pump has to carry out. For example: submersible pumps for removal of sewage or industrial pumps external circulating? It will be necessary to understand what pump and for what it is necessary. Our experts will help you to pick up the pump equipment depending on your purposes.

You get free advice and guarantee support from our experts throughout the entire period of operation.

Electric motors

Engines of various modifications and types have found broad application in the industry are one of the most important components in industrial mechanisms and electric drives of different function.

The electric motor is used by one of basic elements in the field of construction of the pump that allows to turn pumps into pump units of industrial level.

Our experts will help you to complete in addition your pump with the electric motor for more open opportunities of production.

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